The main activity of STEKA is the haulage of import, export and transit cargoes in the whole Western and Eastern Europe as well as in the Scandinavian countries. We transport load by tilt automobiles and vans. We offer favourable prices for small, LTL, FCL and dangerous (ADR) cargoes. 
We react and answer to each proposal or query, and appreciate relationships with both small and big companies. 
If you have more questions or need some more information, please, call: +370-52313829 or write an e-mail.
We are glad to help you!!!

We transport different loads by international routes. We offer a safe and fast haulage of FCL and LTL cargoes in all countries of Central, Eastern and Western Europe, Baltic States, SIC and Scandinavian countries. The cargoes are delivered by different types of road transport, i.e. tilt automobiles, metal body (isotherm) vans, high volume trucks, the capacity of which amounts up to 120 m3, refrigerators, trucks with the ADR equipment (for haulage of dangerous cargoes). For the customers convenience, we offer an EXPRESS delivery which is the fastest delivery by motor transport. 
STEKA offers:
  • Freight of high load packages (FCL, up to 25 tons);
  • Collection and transportation of partial load (LTL) and small load packages;
  • Delivery of dangerous packages; Over-dimensional freight loads;
  • EXPRESS delivery among the European and Baltic States;
  • Haulage of special demand loads (temperature, packaging, etc.);
  • Packaging solutions for the safe freight of your load.
All cargoes delivered by STEKA have a carrier’s civil responsibility insurance according to the CMR Convention.